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Ten feet high the jester performs his fooleries with featherduster and rattling wooden hand. Children dance with him and use his giant legs to pass between them. He jokes in rhymes and distributes small presents and whitticisms equally to everybody. tilla in the sky.gif (5960 Byte)

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ten feet high and every inch bubbling with good humour: Tilla is the latest addition to our stiltwalking-family.

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she always produces just the right thing out of her bottomless pockets to gladden a childs heart. Heartwrenching songs learned in kitchen and pantry make up for her occasional attempts at jodeling. Ladies as much as gentlemen are generally taken in by her charms

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and suddenly in the middle of the trade-fair or the pedestrian zone we see an exchange from one lady to the other and maybe a spontaneous little dance -much to the amusement of everybody present.

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ten foot large from the ground our magic bird majestically crosses the market square.

The sweet sounds of his companion the musician entice him he almost seems to dance and fly.

A beeing reminiscent of a fairy-tale surrounded by a

cluster of dreamlike music,

in which spectators and actors meet.

Theatre on stilts of the finest quality !!!

From one to three actors.

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